10 Early Signs that your man is interested in another Woman!

man cheating girlfriend

It is obvious that from time to time in a relationship, you may notice that your man is behaving differently. There could be a number of reasons why this may be happening, but one explanation for his strange behavior may be the fact that he’s got a crush on someone.

Of course, there are instances when having a crush is harmless. One of those instances is when your man is crushing on a movie star or a Victoria’s Secret model. But when his eyes alight on someone who could possibly reciprocate his feelings, that’s when trouble can start to brew.

With the possibility of another woman snatching up your man, that crush can turn into a flame. Then you might end up losing your man, and who wants that? Luckily, there are some signs that are definite giveaways that your man is getting the hots for somebody else. Once you learn them, you can use this knowledge to your advantage, as you try to see if your man might be considering cheating on you.

man cheating girlfriend


You definitely want to look out for these signs, as they will tell you if your guy is just good friends with a girl, or if he’s got a genuine crush on her.

#1 He is giving another woman a lot of attention. This is one of the most obvious signs. If you frequently see him chatting to Susan, the attractive and fit neighbor, it could definitely mean that he is interested in her. Unless there is a direct reason for your boyfriend to be chatting with the same hot female on a regular basis, the chances are that he is intentionally making the time to talk to her.

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