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2023 Presidency: Don’t contest without plans to fix Nigeria, Fayose’s son advises father

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Son of former Governor of Ekiti State, Funso Fayose, has advised his father, Ayodele Fayose, against running for president in the upcoming 2023 elections.

Reacting to the recent terrorist attacks on the Abuja-Kaduna railway, Funso condemned the present administration for its failure to tackle insecurity.

“The level at which the country is degrading is becoming decadent and alarming,” he wrote on his Instagram page, @iamfayose, on Wednesday.

“Violence everywhere, bandits, terrorists are having a free day(sic).

“This is our country and no one is taking it from us. M. Buhari, I understand you are overwhelmed and tired. It’s almost over, the damage you’ve done is beyond words, and generations to come will bear the brunt.

"The last thing you will do is try to field another incompetent candidate. Except you want to finish/destroy what is already being destroyed.”

He also queried prospective presidential candidates for the upcoming elections on what they have to offer the country after years of being in the helms of power. 

It’s a very important question what does Tinubu, Saraki, Wike and Tambuwal have to offer this country? The nation is almost, if not a failed state. Yet the political desperation is more than the need to fix the nation. You guys have been in power for as long as I can remember, so what’s new?” he asked.

Funso further advised his father against running for the job without a plan to rescue Nigeria from its present state.

He said, “Dear dad if you have intentions of running for President without a road map to get us out of this mess, please don’t sir.”

During a PUNCH Live interview in February 2021, the former governor expressed interest in running for the “noble” office of the President “if the opportunity permits.”

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