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Groom caught placing bets on his wedding day. (video)

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A Nigerian (Click to see Video)man has been spotted actively engaging in sports betting with his (Click to see Video)phone on his wedding day.

The groom was actively(Click to see Video)  engaged in checking the updates on his betting platform during the(Click to see Video)  wedding reception while his bride was dancing happily on her own.

The bride was on the dancefloor surrounded by her bridesmaid and guests, enjoying the beat as she celebrated her big day while the husband was sitting and totally engrossed in the bet.

The video of the wedding showed when someone spotted the groom focusing all his attention on his mobile device and decided to move closer to him only to discover that he was betting.

Some Netizens reacted that he was doing what was necessary to make back the money spent on wedding arrangements while others speculated the man was suffering from a gambling addiction and lacked self control.(Click to see Video)

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