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Nigerians Mourn Man who Reportedly died hours before his UK flight for M.Sc

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Sympathisers have flooded a Facebook wall of a Nigerian man, Okpani Ugochukwu who died a few hours before his trip to the United Kingdom for his Master’s academic programme.

Ugochukwu had earlier made a Facebook post on Friday that he would be heading to the UK for his M.Sc which was suspected to be International Relations.

“It’s a wrap. Blessed be God Forever. 22:00Hrs 2go. In Omnia Paratus. Put my name on that wall. MSc mode fully activated.. #International_Relations,” he had written.Ugochukwu reportedly died in his sleep Saturday morning, as friends posted painful messages of his demise on the Facebook wall they had earlier congratulated him.

Some of the posts were:

“My congratulations message yesterday has now turned to RIP today. What a tragedy!” Christain Oko Kelechi said.

Oyimagada Inya Ken said, “He was supposed to be on his way to the UK for his MSC today. This is painful and even more. A dedicated and promising young man with big dreams, full of life. This is not good at all, my heart bleeds.”

Monica Mma grieved, “I’ve not been able to place my head around this whole thing. I’ve been waiting to hear is a prank. You made a post yesterday and it was not up to 24 hours and you’re gone. Rest well, Christopher!”

“This young man, Ugochukwu Okpani was supposed to travel to the UK today to further his education. He celebrated on his wall and his friends congratulated him. Then he slept and did not wake up,” Ogochukwu Emmanuel Nobert said.

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