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SpaceX Buys large advertising package from Twitter

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Elon Musk‘s big Twitter takeover has been the talk of the town for quite some time. While the downfall of FTX and the market crash that followed redirected public interest, Twitter was back making headlines. This time, two of Musk’s companies were involved. SpaceX, the aerospace business company placed an order for one of the largest advertising packages available on the social media giant.

As per recent reports, SpaceX is expected to advertise Starlink, the firm’s satellite internet service. The firm will promote this service on Twitter in Spain as well as Australia.

The aerospace company intended to purchase a package known as Twitter “takeover.” It is estimated to cost more than $250,000. Starlink would receive constant daylong promotions through this package at the top of Twitter’s timeline. The first three times Twitter users in Australia and Spain open the app, Starlink’s brand messaging is anticipated to appear.

While the campaign was purchased last week, it is yet to make a debut. SpaceX’s latest campaign will go live in Australia in the next few days and later in Spain.

SpaceX will finally be making its debut on Twitter. The community speculated that Tesla would soon follow suit. But considering Musk’s previous comments, it was highly unlikely. Musk previously stated that Tesla doesn’t spend any money on conventional forms of advertising, including print, radio, television, and online display advertisements.

The electric car company garners publicity through news sites, fan blogs, and social media engagement. Twitter: Here’s why Elon Musk extended an apology

Following Musk’s $44 billion Twitter acquisition, the CEO of the firm has time and again pointed out the increase in the number of users. However, in a different turn of events, Musk was seen apologizing to Twitter users.

After garnering a plethora of complaints about Twitter being extremely slow in certain countries, Musk decided to address the issue. He tweeted, While several noted that this was because Musk was outrightly firing employees, a few others pointed out that he had ruined Twitter.

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