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Why some ladies prefer to sleep with dogs

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The engagement of some ladies in bestiality has continued to elicit flurry of reactions across social media platforms.

On social media, viral videos of some ladies having intercourse with dogs has caused people to wonder why they engage in such act considering the serious health risks.

Ideally, dogs are kept as friendly pets. They share the human environment and enjoy the unique opportunity of relating with the society.

The act of humans engaging in intercourse with animals is referred to as bestiality. While the attraction to animals is called zoophilia.


As for the act itself, mostly nothing that wouldn’t happen during a normal human-to-human encounter, barring the risk of pregnancy, as our species don’t share the relevant genetic makeup.

The argument is that ladies doing this unimaginable act to make money is no longer about bad parenting but low self-esteem, greed and peer pressure.

Some of the health consequences include: Echinococcosis, allergic reaction, leptospirosis. Also, making contact between humans and animals are species-specific. There are number of infections that are known to cross the species barrier.


Another argument is that it’s impossible for animals to consent to intercourse with humans and these acts are illegal in most places across the world.

So here are possible reasons why ladies could be having intercourse with animals:

1. Money — Many ladies are led to do the bizarre act because they are promised money. They are just interested in making money irrespective of the conditions attached.

2. Curiosity – Wanting to find out how it is and if it differs from having intercourse with human being i.e experimentation — especially during their early years of sexual awakening and trying every possible sexual activity.

3. Availability – Pets are often available in the absence of human partners, especially in one’s house and isolated communities.

4. Satisfying one’s urge — Animals just like humans may enjoy mating. So ladies may actively seek to satisfy their insatiable desire for pleasure with animals.

5. Perceived safety from pregnancy: Humans and animals, being of different species, cannot interbreed and unprotected intercourse cannot result in a pregnancy.

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